skirikaete (skirikaete) wrote in osakahigh,

june. 12, 2008

Characters: Ueda Tatsuya & Ikuta Toma
Rating: --
Warnings: these two.
Summary: They miss each other, but maybe things aren't normal.
Status: Incomplete

Tatsuya, alone and had nothing better to do, decided to walk around the school for a while. He felt lonely in his dorm room and didn't feel like talking on the phone with someone. Even though he wanted to hear his boyfriend's voice. He just didn't had the courage to call him up. The two haven't seen each other for a while now, so Tatsuya had really missed him.

With fresh aromas, Tatsuya reached the outside of the school and somehow ended up at the nearby park. The trees swayed with the wind, and the air smelled great. He watched the kids run around in circles with sweat sweeping through their clothes. It was a hot weather, thats why Tatsuya brought a simple t-shirt and jeans. With hands in his pockets, he chose to sat at the closest, empty bench he spotted. He sighed. "I'm hungry.." His stomach rumbled.
Tags: ikuta toma, ueda tatsuya

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