Kamenashi Kazuya (kamekazuya) wrote in osakahigh,
Kamenashi Kazuya

LOG: Saturday, February 23; Early Evening

Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Tanaka Koki, Nakamaru Yuuichi, Yasuda Shota
Rating: G/PG?
Warnings: None for now?
Summary: There can't be no celebration for Sweet Sixteen.
Status: Incomplete

Kame couldn't help but beam once he pushed open the door and stepped into the restaurant. "Yay, we arrived safely even with Jin leading us!" He turned around and grinned at the people following in after him.

"Do you really want to share a plate of spaghetti with me, Jin?" Kame asked, after telling the waitress how people there were to be seated. "What about you guys? What do you want to eat?"

[OOC: Hope this is okay. X3;; I'm assuming we want to rp this...? And yea, made some assumptions and stuff...they're at an Italian restaurant because Jin convinced Kame it was a good idea. ^^]
Tags: akanishi jin, kamenashi kazuya, nakamaru yuichi, tanaka koki, yasuda shota

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