August 19th, 2008


[Log] Feb 19, after classes - Library.

Characters: Massu, Inoo
Rating: G
Warnings: One ditzy mun, one sweet and shy mun, one shy muse, one very NOT SHY muse.
Summary: Massu is helping yet another lost freshmen.
Status: Incomplete.

Massu shouldered his bag and headed from his last class to the library. Not that homework was that extrememly difficult, Massu was going to help out a fellow freshman by the name of Inoo Kei. The other seemed lost and lonely and Massu could sympathize. It was only about 5 monthes ago that he'd been just as lost!

So he headed to his favorite reading corner and curled up on a comfy chair. Inoo wasn't there yet but Massu hoped it wasn't because the other had gotten lost. How did one get lost at Osaka?

He picked at the hem of his orange hoodie. He still didn't have his Pikachu hoodie and it was starting to bother him. He loved that hoodie. He'd gotten it his first week of Osaka. And now someone (He still suspected 'Aniki') had kidnapped it.

Where in the world was Inoo?