[Log] April 25 - The Park~!

Characters: Chinen Yuuri, Yamada Ryosuke, Yamashita Reon, Okamoto Keito
Rating: -
Summary: Four friends go on a picnic. Oh, but what drama awaits them? KeiOn is still safe, or is it? *dies*

Reon waited at the gates. He was early, as always and he was about to text all three boys to ask where they were. Keito had overslept of course, but Reon didn't know about the other two. Where were they?

It was starting to warm and wonderful and they'd decided to go on a picnic now that Yuuri was back. Reon was excited. The four of them (since Yamada now counted as one of them) hadn't done anything together for so long~

So now he was....waiting. Oh well.

[LOG] Photo club - Open

Characters: Horikita Maki, Totsuka Shota, and anyone else who wants to be in the photo club
Rating: -
Warnings: -
Summary: The photo club is planning an excursion.


Maki bustled into the photo club room with an arm full of papers; the year had just started, but there were already assignments to be graded. Despite all that, she made it a point to show up to club. For one thing, the club needed her to unlock the darkroom for them. On top of that, they  needed to organize their excursion! Maki was quite excited about it. She'd received permission from the principal for the field trip, and Maki was hoping that everyone would get a chance to take some nice pictures, and enjoy a day off-campus.